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How To Buy A Second-Hand Washing Machine

Second-hand washing machines are cost-effective solutions if you are on a tight budget. However, buying used washers can be riskier. Let me tell you a couple of buying tips that can help you decide and can help you find a better deal.

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1. Know the pros and cons of buying a second-hand washing machine. It is still better to buy brand-new washers. But even with brand-new washers, there is no assurance that the machine will work for a long time. Just read washer reviews and you can find a lot of complaints about the reliability of many brand-new washers today. However, the main advantage of buying a new washer is the warranty. The warranty will secure your purchase. You also have the option of buying an extended warranty.

Used washers, on the other hand, are cheaper. You can also find washer brands that are up to par with expectations.

2. Buy from a trusted seller or an appliance store.

Scout for reliable sellers and stores that offer used washers in good condition. Make sure that the washer has undergone maintenance or reconditioning before it was sold. It is also ideal to buy washers from people you are well-acquainted with. Ask friends if they know someone who sells used washers.

3. Know the reason why they are selling their old washer.

If you are buying from independent sellers, find out their reason for selling the washer. People usually sell their old washers if they have decided to update to a more efficient machine or if they are moving to a new place.

4. Know more about the details of the washer.

Get the name of the model and the brand. Do a research on the features of the washer. Find out if the features are suitable for your laundry needs. Also find out what other people are saying about the machine. If there are a lot of reports about the frequent breakdown of that model of washer, you might want to buy something else. Make sure it is not a model that has given many other customers headaches.

5. Washers by solo owners are better.

If it came from a large family, the machine is most likely overused. Buy from a seller that lives alone in his or her apartment. You can be assured that the machine is not yet worn out.

6. Check the parts.

Make sure that the rubber seal of the water hose is still in good condition. Also make quick assessments on the repair and maintenance that you are going to do after purchasing the machine. You might have to clean it or replace its belt.

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